Wide Horizons Company was established as an individual facility by Engineer Ahmed Abu El-Seoud in the year of 2003 after a long work experience in the different fields of information technology and communication services.


Since the first glance, Wide Horizons gained more experience due to many contributes in national and private service projects, work mechanization and restructuring of many facilities, public and private companies.


Wide Horizons faced many practical challenges represented in the difficulty of the requirements of some business and projects, Wide Horizons also faced many social challenges represented in the corruption dominance in most of the governmental projects. Wide Horizons succeeded to overcome these challenges which gained us more confidence and ability to effective performance under all pressures.


Wide Horizons is distinguished by after sales service. It is the main feature which makes the customer holds to us and keeps all his deals through us. That trust is a crown that we proudly wear while doing all hard efforts to keep it running. Our slogan since we join the business market is “customer comes first”.


Wide Horizons is keen to hire the best in all of its’ work fields. Wide Horizons believes that the efficient employee is the bright mirror for the institution, the distinguish interface and one of the main pillar of work, therefore it provides its employees with excellent training.

Efficiency, experience and excellence is what Wide Horizons presents to its customers

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